Lynn Vrany is a specialist in manual medicine, focusing on pain relief and restoration of function. Her methods include myofascial release, cranial sacral therapy, and muscle energy technique.


PRIVATE PRACTICE, Lynn Vrany, Inc., Grand Junction, CO, 2009 to present.

MASSAGE THERAPIST, Physical Therapy Specialty Center, Grand Junction, CO, 1992 to 2009.  Practice is orthopedically based with some neurological patients. I functioned as part of a team in treating patients that are referred to the practice.

LYNN’S ANIMAL THERAPY & REHABILITATION, 2000 to present. Provide manual therapy and massage for small animals and exercise programs for dogs with orthopedic and neurological problems. Limited practice, clients by appointment only!

CLINICAL SUPERVISOR, Academy of Healing Arts, Clifton, CO, 2001. Supervised students in a 10-week clinical geared toward them experiencing the practical aspects of working in a massage therapy clinic. Advised them on hands-on techniques, body mechanics, and administration.

MASSAGE THERAPIST, Mitchell Chiropractic Clinic, Grand Junction, CO, 1989 to 1993. Practice was basically neck and back patients; most work was for injuries incurred from auto accidents or work.

MASSAGE THERAPIST, Inn at Aspen, Aspen, CO, 1984 to 1989. Practice included massage and therapeutic work for guests as well as for private clientele.

VOLUNTEER, Grand Valley Hospice, Grand Junction, CO, 1993. Provided professional services for patients in the Hospice Program.

VOLUNTEER, Crisis Team, Vietnam Moving Wall War Memorial, Memorial Gardens, Grand Junction, CO, 1992. Helped people find names on the wall and also helped those people having trouble dealing with the loss of loved ones or friends in the war.

VOLUNTEER, Community Services Hospice, Aspen, CO, 1988 to 1992. Participated in the Hospice program by providing professional services for Hospice patients.

VOLUNTEER, 24-Hour Skiathon for Jimmy Heuga Foundation, Aspen, CO, 1988. Massaged skiers in gondola all night so that leg muscles would not tighten on their ride to the top of the mountain.

VOLUNTEER, 2-Day Aspen Triathlon, Aspen, CO, 1987. Massaged legs and feet of competitors after completion of competition. Helped relieve fatigue and increased circulation for quicker recovery period. Was also the “first aid stand.”


Massaging and Rehabilitating Canines, Women in Health Care Expo, Girls Scouts of Chipeta Council, Redlands Service Unit, Grand Junction, CO, 2001. Demonstration and information.

Health/Heart/Massage, presented at Heart to Heart Support Group, Grand Junction, CO, 2001.  Discussion of relationship of health, heart and the value of massage for overall health and heart.  There was an extensive question and answer session after the talk.

Chakras, presented at Whole Health and Wellness Conference, Grand Junction, CO, 1999.  Workshop designed to introduce chakras as an energy system, including a discussion about them and their influence on health, plus techniques on balancing chakras.

Relearning Touch, presented several times to VOICES, Victims of Incest, Latimer House, Grand Junction, CO, 1997-1998.


PTSD: Vietnam Vets Versus Other Vets, ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH TIMES, Volume 2, Issue 2, an official publication of the Colorado Vietnam Veterans of America, Inc., 1995.

Relearning the Pleasure of Touch, MASSAGE, Issue 49, May/June 1994.

Rainbows and Chakras, RAINBOW CITY EXPRESS, Vol. 6, No. 1, Spring/Summer, 1993

Intuition: An Important Tool of Myofascial Release, PHYSICAL THERAPY FORUM, Week of June 27, 1988.

Chronic Pain:  A Personal Odyssey, MASSAGE THERAPY JOURNAL, Vol. 30, No. 4, Fall 1991.


HORSE TRAINER, BREEDER, ENTREPRENEUR, 1959 to present. Participated professionally in all phases of the horse industry, including conditioning, “surgical nurse,” post-surgical care, breeding, training, judging, and lessons. Still active in the profession, but very limited.

INSTRUCTOR, State University of New York, Morrisville, NY, 1968-1975. Co-founder of the Horse Husbandry Program. Conducted all the practical laboratories as well as program lectures on dressage.

REPORTS COORDINATOR, Syracuse University Research Corporation, Defense Systems Laboratory, Syracuse, New York. Responsible for editing and publishing reports on research projects for design and construction prototypes of equipment, largely for government contracts. Worked with some of the best electrical research engineers in the country.