“Often clients have found relief under my care after seeking help in many other places without success. I treat many acute and long-standing problems.”

– Lynn Vrany


• Headaches

• Concussions

• Jaw pain & TMJ

• Muscular tension dysphonia

• Neck pain

• Whiplash injuries

• Poor range of motion

• Scar tissue & adhesions

• Shoulder pain & impingement

• Arm pain

• Thoracic outlet syndrome

• Carpal tunnel

• Wrist pain

• Low back pain

• Hip pain

• Sciatica

• Joint mobility

• Knee pain

• Ankle pain

• Plantar fasciitis

And many more problems and injuries, both acute and long-standing!


I am a specialist in manual medicine focusing on pain relief and restoration of function. My methods include, among many others, myofascial release, cranial sacral therapy, and muscle energy technique.

When it comes to treating injuries, the earlier the better!

When it comes to treating injuries, the earlier the better! Delaying treatment for days, weeks, or months allows problems to “lock in” and also cause a cascade of other problems as the body strives to compensate. If the condition is addressed early enough, sometimes only one treatment is necessary, rather than multiple treatments to undo long-standing damage.

The therapies that I use include massage, physical medicine, and osteopathic:

• Muscle energy technique

• Strain/counter-strain technique

• Mulligan mobilization with movement

• Direct cranial mobilization

• Cranial sacral therapy

• Myofascial release

• Visceral manipulation

• Therapeutic touch

• Swedish massage

• Adverse neural tension

• Energy work