Often clients have found relief under my care after seeking help in many other places without success. I am honored that my practice includes, as clients, many professionals from other disciplines.

Lynn Vrany

You are a great therapist.

John Barnes PT, Myofascial Treatment Center
From grateful clients –

Lynn has studied with many masters and has developed a unique and effective hands on healing method for muscle, joint, bone, nerve, fascial and scar tissue pain. Her reasonable rates make her services one of the best healthcare values in Grand Junction.

Pat Riley, PT

It has been my good fortune to have known Lynn for the last 12 years. She has changed my life! As my massage therapist, she has helped to ease my neck and back pain and my hiatal hernia issues. Her cranial massages are fabulous and have greatly eased my headaches. I love leaving my visits with Lynn feeling much better and relaxed.

Sheri, GJ, CO

I am a walking billboard for you, if someone says headache, car wreck anything, they get my scpheal! Lynn is amazing!! I could not have gotten this far without her! I was in an auto accident over 2 years ago and was seeing specialists and physical therapists and no improvement for my balance issues, memory loss, headaches, etc. My physical therapist recommended that I try Lynn and her services and I am so thankful I did! The first session Lynn was able to relieve the pressure and fluid from my head and my balance got much better. I continued with weekly appointments and I always found that she helps me each and every time. Blurred vision improved, headaches lessened, balance got better. If you have any issues with headaches, balance issues, car accident symptoms – Lynn is the one to see, she is well worth your time and money. She is a small package with powerful results! Thank you Lynn for your continued help! I am constantly referring her to everyone that mentions symptoms to me as I truly believe in her and am walking proof of her amazingness!! Call Lynn today!! :0)

Laurinda Conrad

Lynn Vrany keeps me going! I’m a very active 67-year old. I bike, hike, raft, swim, do yoga, and lots of yard work. I have some arthritis in my hips that really slows me down. After my weekly session with Lynn, I can move freely and with far less pain so I can get back to the things I enjoy. Lynn also helps relieve the pain that I have in my thumbs. I don’t know what I’d do without her! Thanks, Lynn

Zan Merrill

Lynn Vrany has been working on me for 17 years after my neck cancer and radiation treatments. I have the movement in my neck and mouth that I would not have had without her. This has made my life so much better breaking down my scar tissue inside my mouth, neck and jaw. I’m so grateful for the knowledge Lynn has with the breaking down of scar tissue; it really helped me get back to a life I once had. I would recommend Lynn to everyone

James Emmons

In 2015 I was advised to go, immediately, to Lynn Vrany during a period of crisis involving constant pain and hoarseness in my speaking and singing voice. I had just been diagnosed with Muscular Dysphonia of the Larynx, jaw and neck.

At that time Lynn was, and remains, a highly respected, expert manual/massage therapist who completely understands such complex issues and knows precisely how to treat them. Long, and often painful story shortened, Lynn immediately recognized the areas of my upper body retaining severe, damaging tension and expertly worked them. Within several months she had worked wonders and the severe tension that had built up over many years was gone. A wonderful bonus of these first visits to Lynn was discovering the extent of her professional skills. To be honest, Lynn is exceptional in her profound depth of experience and sensitivity to all the complexities and issues of muscles, tendons, alignment and misalignments of the body. She is a specialist in myofascial release, cranial mobilization, muscle energy, and soft tissue mobilization but her knowledge and application of other techniques is also impressive. Lynn also has the expertise and knowledge to combine basic joint mobilization and care with soft tissue therapy. In this regard, Lynn expertly adjusts my right hip and lower spine gently back into alignment -!- a convenient and necessary benefit saving me additional and costly trips to a chiropractor. Lynn Vrany is an extraordinary manual/massage therapist who has 36 years experience in caring for injuries, misalignments, and sore muscles. Go see her and benefit from her extensive expertise and intuitive skills – you will feel so much better.

Dr. Jack Delmore Emeriti Professor of Music

Voice & Performance Colorado Mesa University


The doctors gave up on solving my headaches and neck and shoulder pain. Lynn fixed it, and I am working again.

Paula Galles, GJ, CO

I had 33 years of severe shoulder and back pain before I began seeing Lynn. I had been to back specialists, chiropractors, physical therapists, and massage therapists who tried to “treat the symptoms.” LYNN FOUND THE PROBLEM, treated it, and has enabled me to be pain free for months at a time. Her knowledge and skills go far beyond that of most massage therapists, and I can’t thank her enough for giving me many pain-free days

Joanne V, GJ, CO

Since I have been seeing Lynn, I have no need to visit the chiropractor. With her muscle movements and stress-relief massages, I find I am able to sleep at night. Just with everyday hustle and bustle, the massage and therapy are so important in my life. Lynn makes a difference in my well-being.

Debbie S, GJ, CO

I participate in extreme sports, and for over twenty years Lynn has been the one who realigns and restores me.

Kris H, GJ, CO

After I say, “Hey y’all, watch this!” I go to Lynn.

Loren E, GJ, CO

Skilled professional able to get to the root of the problem .

Herb Gearhart